Experimental Validation


Actuator Fitting


The purpose of this assignment is to develop a model for your actuator.


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System Capture and Fitting


The purpose of this tutorial is to lead you through the process of collecting data on your system for use in fitting your model

Course Resources

  • Optimization Module
  • Experimental Validation Module
  • Dynamics Module


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Tracker Tutorial


The purpose of this module is to show you how to track position data using a low-cost camera such as a smartphone. Use this video to follow along!

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Tips and Tricks

To add a known force, attach a known mass to a string, let it deflect and settle, then cut the string.

To displace a known distance, pull the device in a known direction with a string, measuring the displacement. Let it settle, then cut the string.

If measuring voltage and current, a power supply’s current reading may not be sufficiently fast enough to capture transient responses

If measuring anything that has a digital readout (but no serial output), make sure the readout is visible by the camera. You can then convert the voltage reading manually using the video time as a reference.