Software List

Student List

TypeName / LinkRequiredCost
Python DistributionAnaconda
Miniconda Installer
RequiredOpen Source
Google to Installing Python / Jupyter NotebookFree to Use
3D ModelingSolidworks
Autodesk Fusion 360
Either Solidworks or Fusion is RequiredFree for Students
Latex / PDF CreationMiktexRequired for some Python/Jupyter functionalityOpen Source
PDF ViewingAdobe Reader
Office SuiteOffice 365 or
Highly RecommendedFree for Students
Open Source
Vector DrawingInkscape or
Adobe Creative Cloud
RecommendedOpen Source
Free for Students
GitGit for Windows
Git Extensions (GUI)
Prerequisite for Git Extensions
Open Source
Open Source
Comparison Toolkdiff3Prerequisite for Git ExtensionsOpen Source
Terminal Console for Serial, SSHputtyRecommendedOpen Source
Search ToolGrepWinRecommendedOpen Source
Zipping Utility7-ZipSuggestedOpen Source

Tech 162 Computer Install List

Python DistributionMiniconda Installer must be able to install their own packages in conda and pip and preserve those installs even after logout
3D ModelingAutodesk Fusion 360
3D ModelingSolidworks
Latex / PDF CreationMiktex
PDF ViewingAdobe Readerhttps://adobe.comlatest
Office SuiteOffice 365
Vector DrawingInkscape
Comparison Toolkdiff3 for Git Extensions
GitGit for Windows for Git Extensions
GitGit Extensions (GUI)
Terminal Console for Serial, SSHputty
Search ToolGrepWin
Zipping Utility7-Zip