01Data Collection Permission FormUngraded Individual Task
01Incoming SurveyIndividual Survey0
01Install PythonUngraded Individual Task0
01Make a Pop-up BookIndividual Assignment200
01Python for Loops. Arrays. and PlottingIndividual Assignment100
02Python FunctionsIndividual Assignment100
03Install CADUngraded Individual Task0
03Project PitchIndividual Assignment100
03Project Selection SurveyIndividual Survey0
04Develop a Research QuestionTeam Assignment200
04Kinematics Via Prototyping & CADIndividual Assignment200
05Biomechanics Background and Initial SpecificationsTeam Assignment200
05Kinematics with PythonIndividual Assignment200
06Make a WebsiteUngraded Team Task0
06System KinematicsTeam Assignment200
07Course Feedback IIndividual Survey0
07Presentation ITeam Assignment200
07Website Update ITeam Assignment100
08System Dynamics ITeam Assignment200
10System Dynamics IITeam Assignment200
11Intro to Manufacturing ComputationIndividual Assignment200
11Parameter Identification PlanIn-Class Team Activity25
12Design and Manufacturing WorkflowTeam Assignment200
13Design Optimization, Experiment Design, Data Collection, and Analysis PlanIn-Class Team Activity25
13Parameter IdentificationIndividual Assignment200
14Course Feedback IIIndividual Survey0
14Presentation IITeam Assignment200
14Website Update IITeam Assignment160
15Design Optimization, Experiment Design, Data Collection, and AnalysisIndividual Assignment200
16Presentation IIITeam Assignment200
16Website Update IIITeam Assignment300